About us

Sangaste Rye House is a hospitable place in picturesque South Estonia that offers its visitors cozy accommodation, advice delicious local food and relaxing vacations .

Rye House is located at the centre of Sangaste village, just 4 km from the historic Sangaste Castle and 22 km from the winter capital Otepää. Sangaste is Estonia’s rye village as it was here where in 1875 the landlord of Sangaste manor, Count Friedrich Magnus von Berg, developed the „Sangaste“ rye variety that won awards at world exhibitions in Paris and Chicago. Today, „Sangaste“ rye is the oldest rye variety in the world that is still cultivated.

In our rye restaurant we offer meals that include „Sangaste“ rye – from appetizers to desserts. We prefer to use local ingredients from Sangaste parish and elsewhere South Estonia – for example our own garden herbs and vegetables, garlic and honey from local farmers and dairy products from Nopri farm in Võrumaa.

Rye House guesthouse consists of 12 cozy and romantic rooms that have been named after well-known residents of Sangaste parish. The guesthouse accommodates 27 visitors (more with extra beds). As additional services we offer sauna, bike rental service, various massages and holiday packages.


Rye House Shop offers everyday groceries and local products: „Sangaste“ rye, rye Kama, pickled garlic shoots and much more.

Sangaste Rye House is looking forward to your visit. Until soon!