Ethnic Estonian Festive Dinner

Sangaste Rye House is a good place for holding festive events such as birthdays, shop anniversaries and reunions. Our rye restaurant fits up to 50 persons and guesthouse can accommodate visitors overnight.

We offer both traditional festive dinners and – as a new option – ethnic festive dinners inspired by Estonian ethnic cuisine. Check our our standard festive dinner menus here. We would be happy to customize the menus to your special needs and wishes.

Main course

Traditional „Mulgi Porridge“ (potatoes, ambulance barley groats, rx lard)

Fish selection

European sprat sandwich with egg
Rye bread-coated Baltic herring

Meat selection

Cold cut pork slices
Ham rolls with horseradish-cream cheese filling
Smoked pork tongue with Kurevere garlic sauce

Filled appetizers

Filled eggs with European sprat
Rye cups with wild mushroom – onion salad

Salad selection

Traditional potato salad
Red beet salad („Rosolje“)

Sweet appetizers

Apple pie or kama-cream cheese cake


Fermented kali
Traditional rye kama drink with buttermilk

Cereal products selection

House rye bread
Rye karask cake with flavored butter

Ethnic Estonian festive dinners (Price: 17 EUR / person)