Rye break

Rye break is a buffet-style rye snack selection consisting of traditional and novel rye-based snacks and drinks.

Rye break consists of ten snacks and drinks with „Sangaste“ rye among ingredients. The exact selection of snacks varies seasonally, but always include fresh house rye bread, rye cake „karask“, rye kama drink, rye kama mousse, Rye House bread balls, and fermented rye drink „kali“.

In addition to tasting rye snacks you will hear about the significance of rye in Estonian ethnic cuisine and culture, about the history and current state of „Sangaste“ rye variety.

Rye break prices begin from 7 EUR / person, assuming groups of at least 8 persons. We’ll be glad to customize the rye break selection to your group’s preferences.

We can also offer the rye break outside the Rye House as a catering service.

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