Welcome to Sangaste Rye Restaurant!

The winter rye variety “Sangaste,” bred in 1875 by Friedrich Georg Magnus von Berg, who was dubbed “The Rye Count,” is the oldest cultivated rye variety still in production today.

The rye restaurant of Sangaste Rye House offers dishes made from “Sangaste” rye, as well as local and South Estonian ingredients. Our mission is to show guests how versatile the Estonian national grain, rye, can be. The menu features both traditional and completely innovative rye flavors – rye bread, kama drink with kefir, onion pie, schnitzel with rye bread coating, handmade burger with rye bun, and many other delicious options.

The rye restaurant is a valued place for celebrating birthdays and other family and festive events for both locals and people from afar. You can read about the restaurant’s party tables here. We also offer funeral tables, which you can explore here.

Tourist groups are also welcome to the rye restaurant, where we offer rye breaks and various group menus.